About Allora

Allora Floors are the cleanest, highest quality, and most beautiful hardwood floors ever created.

We are an Italian-based team, proud to be exclusively distributed by Garrison – a company with over 65 years in the flooring industry. As a development and elevation of the Garrison brand, Allora represents our constant push to innovate and give the world undeniable beauty that lasts. Allora Floors are 100% manufactured in Italy, by expert artisans and craftspeople, using the highest quality European Oak and Birch plywood, combined with state-of-the-art finishing technology.

Backed by the Garrison brand and reputation for customer service, product support, and longevity, Allora is a chance to bring a piece of Italy home with the finest Italian-made Garrison flooring.

Isn’t it time to come experience Allora for yourself? Contact us to get started today.