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The cleanest, highest quality, and most beautiful hardwood flooring ever created.


European Craftsmanship

Proudly manufactured in Italy, Allora by Garrison represents the highest quality flooring experience ever created – a product so luxurious, it could only come from Europe. With its sophisticated natural tones, this extraordinary line ranges from vibrant lights to a deep, lush brown.


Our Floors

Colors are available in select character – minimal knots and cracks expertly filled and stained to blend into the flooring – and some colors are available in select – impressively clean with very few pin knots and an attractive, uniform grain. These exceptionally long European Oak planks are 7-1/2 inches (192 mm) wide, 5/8 inch (15 mm) thick with a 4 mm wear layer, and reach nearly 8 feet (2350 mm) in mixed lengths.

Each plank is finished with a water-based matte UV lacquer, giving our flooring a modern look with time-tested durability. The gorgeous aesthetics bring together a natural warmth and authenticity that you can be proud to say is Made In Italy.


News & Updates

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